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Goodwill CEO William Rogers has a plan to create more jobs and improve customer experience

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After more than a decade of helping to manage the city of Berkeley, William Rogers came to Goodwill as COO. Last year, he became CEO. 

Rogers is aiming to change the way customers think of the nonprofit: not just as a retail store, but as a place for job growth and skills training. The nonprofit recently purchased a new headquarters at 750 Post St. to be closer to the clients it serves in the Tenderloin. Last year, 636 people landed jobs through the organization, and 3,600 have received education and job training services at its centers. 

The organization is starting with upgrades on several fronts, from refreshing its retail locations to opening a new career center in partnershipwith Microsoft. It operates 19 retail stores, 25 donation centers and two warehouses in the Bay Area.

Rogers understands what it means to get a second chance. He left home in Los Angeles when he was 16 and worked for five years before he attended community college. After several tries, he wound up transferring to UC Berkeley and eventually started working in the nonprofit world to help young people. Rogers credits his success to the people who gave him second chances, and he’s trying to do the same at Goodwill.

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