In 2019, We Diverted Over 1.3 Million Pounds of E-Waste from our Local Landfills

Donate your electronics for free at one of our 26 convenient drop off locations throughout San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin counties. Drop off your working computers, phones, laptops and devices to Goodwill and we’ll give you a tax receipt. When you donate your electronics to Goodwill, helping your community and saving the planet is tax deductible! The revenue generated through Goodwill’s electronics recycling program funds local job training programs for disadvantaged people struggling to find employment.


We destroy the data on all electronics before reselling, using Department of Defense standards, NIST 800-88 standards, or manufacture factory reset on all data containing electronics before reuse. All E-waste is processed within 90 miles with a R2 and E-steward certified partner, in turn lowering our carbon footprint.


We process, repair or recycle parts from damaged electronics for resale through our Goodwill retail store locations and online eBay, and Amazon stores. Any items that do not pass our multi-point rigorous testing will be responsibly recycled with our certified R2 and E-steward certified recycling partner.

Our operation is a California state approved collector (CEWID#102312), and California Certified Green business that provides Environmentally Responsible recycling, we have a zero E-waste landfill policy.