Goodwill Prepares People for the Jobs of Today and Tomorrow

Tens of thousands of Bay Area residents do not have the digital skills our hyper-charged, technology-driven economy demands. Goodwill provides the training and support to help job seekers gain the expertise and tools they need to participate fully in today’s job market.

We offer core tech skills training and certifications, in partnership with tech leaders Google and Microsoft. Our job seekers learn the highest industry standards and gain the proficiency and experience necessary to land jobs in high tech and other sectors of the economy that increasingly demand technical skills.



of our trainees placed in jobs were still employed a year later.
employers hired clients from our Career Centers.

Far too many people in the Bay Area feel discouraged, even hopeless, because they do not have the necessary skills to break into the job market.

Goodwill’s guiding principle is that everybody deserves a second chance—and everybody can be trained to succeed in today’s tech-centric economy. We provide free training and job services for people who struggle to find a job due to multiple impediments to employment. For more than 100 years we have demonstrated that training tailored for the job market is the key to a brighter future—and a stronger community.

Did you know?

of our funding is generated through the sale of donated goods in our retail and online stores. SF Goodwill is a nonprofit social enterprise.

Goodwill is the mothership of social enterprises, setting an example for all the newcomers for how to deliver social impact through smart business."

Carla Javits, President, REDF

Opening Doors to a Career Track

Some of our job seekers are looking for help in finding their first full-time job. Many are looking for more—a path to a sustainable career.

In today’s Bay Area economy, entry-level jobs often do not provide a living wage. Even people with full-time jobs may have to make the terrible choice between buying shoes for their children or a doctor’s visit.

SF Goodwill has developed innovative programs, often in partnership with leading Bay Area companies. These include the Google IT Support Professional Certification, a LinkedIn Learning Lab in partnership with Microsoft, IT Security, Canva Graphic Design Tool and e-commerce trainings.

Goodwill job seekers earned

on average above minimum wage, in the jobs we helped them find.