Our Environment Deserves a Second Chance, Too

For SF Goodwill, sustainability of people and planet is embedded in our mission to do good in the communities we serve.

Goodwill is a conscientious steward of the planet through landfill diversion, textile and electronics re-use, our E-truck fleet, and green jobs. In just the last few years, SF Goodwill, a California Certified Green Business, has created hundreds of jobs dedicated to reducing waste.

All Goodwill employees receive extensive training in environmental sustainability best practices, and some jobs are dedicated completely to sustainability practices such as those in our ReCompute program, in which employees learn how to disassemble computers and electronics, refurbishing them for sale in one of our stores or on our e-commerce site.

In 2019, in large part because of ReCompute, SF Goodwill diverted over 3 million pounds electronics from local landfills.

Pounds SF Goodwill diverted from local landfills in 2019

The Future of Goodwill is Electric!

SF Goodwill's fleet of electric trucks promotes environmental sustainability. We're green!

In 2019 we increased our commitment to the environment and industry leadership by onboarding a fleet of 11 zero-emission battery electric trucks—the first organization in the United States to deploy electric heavy-duty, “Class 6” delivery trucks.

As a result, SF Goodwill was honored by the environmental education and advocacy organization Acterra with its Spare the Air Leadership Award, sponsored by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD).

Over the next three years, the trucks will result in a reduction of over 400 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the neighborhoods we serve. The e-truck program also provides a public health and social benefit, as Goodwill’s trucks frequent low-income zip codes that historically have higher rates of respiratory illnesses, often caused by poor air quality.

SF Goodwill CEO William Rogers

The sustainability of our community and planet are on us. It is our responsibility to take concrete steps to keep our neighborhoods healthy and free from pollutants, help keep our oceans clean, and our coastlines clear of toxic waste.”

William Rogers, President and CEO,
Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin

Goodwill Gives Reusable Items a Second Life and People a Second Chance

When you donate goods to Goodwill, whatever we can’t sell in our stores, we sell in bulk through our aftermarket business and outlet stores. This serves two goals—bringing in additional income to fund our programs and reducing the impact on the Bay Area landfill.

closeup of woman's hands working on a computer

Our commitment to the environment extends even further. We are training workers for 21st century jobs that are environmentally conscious, such as recycling computers in our ReCompute program, in which Goodwill employees learn how to refurbish and disassemble  computers and electronics into their component parts and then sell them in our stores or on our e-commerce site.