Celebrating National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week

By Ijeoma Emeh

At SF Bay Goodwill, we believe that every occasion is an opportunity to celebrate those who make our operations go around. This week, as we mark National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week, we are taking a moment to shine a spotlight on the heroes of the road- truck drivers!

Truck drivers are the backbone of the work we do, ensuring that your donated items reach our shelves, homes, and hearts. Their safe driving and dedication to delivering essentials deserve our utmost respect. They keep us moving, quite literally.

Not only do our truck drivers pride themselves on keeping our people and roads safe, but it’s important for people on the road to be conscientious of safe driving techniques.

With safety as one of our core values at Goodwill of the San Francisco Bay, here are some best practices you can observe while on the road too:

  • Focus Forward
    • Scan ahead 10-15 seconds; look beyond the vehicle in front of you
    • Check behind and beside you; be aware of your blind spots
    • When approaching merging lanes understand that large trucks cannot stop or maneuver quickly like a regular vehicle
  • Be Seen and Heard
    • Use your horns and blinkers
    • Look for brake lights and flashers

Consider donating to your local SF Bay Goodwill to support truck drivers and their families.

At SF Bay Goodwill, we stand with truck drivers to celebrate their hard work, dedication, and the incredible journeys they embark on every day. Thank you to all the truck drivers out there, here’s to you!

Truck Drivers Taking Pride In Every Ride!

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