Closed Bay Area Thrift Stores Buried by Dumped Donations

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Read SF Goodwill President and CEO William Rogers’ interview with The Mercury News.

The shelter-in-place ordinance in the Bay Area has caused residents to take the extra time deep cleaning their garages, closets, and any rooms with possible clutter built up over the years. What nonprofits and thrift stores, like SF Goodwill, have noticed is that people are dumping their donations on the sidewalk outside donation centers. Even though there are many signs discouraging donation drops at this time, garbage bags and boxes filled with items are piling up outside the stores and donation centers.

We are kindly asking people to keep their donations at home until SF Goodwill’s donation centers reopen. Please take a moment to read this article to further understand why keeping your donations at home can help SF Goodwill keep the city clean and our employees safe.

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