Abishek’s Journey from Nepal to Tech Trailblazer

By Joseph Ferris

In January 2018, Abishek embarked on a journey that would redefine his future. Emigrating from Nepal to the United States, he carried a persistent fascination with technology and a dream to make significant strides in the field. His path led him to enlist in the United States Navy in 2019, where he dedicated four years to mastering electronics and deepening his technical acumen. 

"My time in the Navy was about more than service; it was a chapter of intense learning," Abishek recalls. "I worked extensively with electronics, which solidified my technical mindset and spurred my interest in diving deeper into technology." 

After his military service, Abishek didn't pause his educational pursuit. He proactively sought certifications to bridge the gap between hardware and software. His efforts led him to acquire a range of certifications. 

"Certifications are more than just credentials on a resume; they validate your knowledge and skills in the eyes of employers," Abishek explains. "They've been crucial in helping me establish my competence in the field." 

His quest for knowledge led him to Goodwill SF Bay’s IT pre-apprenticeship program, a pivotal step that connected his past learning with new opportunities. "The pre-apprenticeship program wasn't just about learning; it was about applying every ounce of your passion towards your growth," he shares. "I brought my prior knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, and it gave me a boost." 

Abishek's proactive nature shone brightly in the program. Not only did he arrive early and never miss a class, but he also took extra initiatives, like independently completing a significant project when he sensed his teammates might falter. "I worked on the entire project by myself on the side, ensuring we had something substantial to present at the end," he says. 

Now, Abishek is part of the San Francisco Department of Public Health's IT apprenticeship program while seeking a permanent position. His long-term goals are clear: to secure a role that offers job security while allowing him to continue his studies and eventually pursue a master's degree in cybersecurity. 

"I'm eyeing a future where I can blend my federal and local government experience to work with agencies like the FBI or the Department of Defense," Abishek says. 

As he continues his journey, Abishek also wants to support his fellow veterans. He commends the benefits available to veterans in San Francisco, including significant educational support and housing allowances through the VA. "I'm here to help any veteran or individual make the most of these opportunities," he adds. 

Abishek’s journey from Nepal to San Francisco had many steps and we are proud that a Goodwill SF Bay training program was one of them. Like many of our program participants, he sought out an opportunity and made the most of it through ambition and determination. Our programs are designed to support people at any step of their journey, whether they are a veteran, English language learner, are justice-involved, or have been out of the workforce for any reason. We welcome anyone who, like Abishek, is dedicated to continuous learning and advancement.

Want to learn more about our classes and certifications, including how to enroll? Visit our training programs page here. 

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