Get to know our classes & training programs

By Joseph Ferris

Whether you're beginning your journey with basic computer literacy, seeking to enhance your job readiness with practical skills such as resume-building and interview techniques, or aiming to delve into the technical world, our doors are open.

At Goodwill San Francisco Bay, our diverse array of free classes and training programs are designed with one goal in mind: to provide the skills, knowledge, and support needed for sustainable employment and personal growth. Your participation means more than just personal advancement; it represents the collective strength of a community moving forward. 

Among our offerings is the TechSF On Ramp program. Aimed at participants interested in exploring careers in the tech industry, this class offers an introduction to the tech market and the various career paths within it. Upon completion, participants receive additional career development support to truly kickstart their journey in tech.

Another is the Pathways to Employment class, part of our Job Readiness Program. This class is perfect for individuals who are on the job hunt or looking to advance in their current roles. Covering crucial skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and resume building, this course sets a strong foundation for professional success. 

Our programs are available to anyone age 18 and older who want to grow their skills and develop a career that provides family-sustaining wages, secure housing, and social and economic mobility. Enrolling in one of our programs can be the first step towards a brighter and more successful future.

For our generous donors, the impact of your contributions is clear: every class taken, every new skill acquired, and every job secured is thanks to your support. Your donations go beyond providing classroom supplies—they transforms lives, foster economic mobility, and shape a future where everyone has equitable access to opportunities leading to prosperity. Make a difference today with your donation and join us in creating a legacy of change and progress. 

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