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Black Lives Have Always Mattered at SF Goodwill

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SF Goodwill unequivocally believes that Black Lives, Black Voices, Black Employment…Matter.  Anti-Blackness in America is not a trend or a new discovery, it is the lived experience of Black people every day—and has been for the past 400 years.

Every person in America, whether they are aware of it or not, has experience with racism and anti-Blackness. Everyone has either witnessed it—police brutality; heard about it—job or housing discrimination; participated in it—not speaking up when you see or hear it; or experienced it—through  micro aggressions, macro aggressions, or worse.

Recent events have sparked a new national and global conversation about cultural racism and the deeply embedded anti-Black feelings that permeate our policies, laws, and culture. While Black people bear the brunt, racism and anti-Black feelings are not a Black problem. It is an American problem that generations have tried to bury—and that which is buried, grows. SF Goodwill believes we must unearth this insidious problem and address it honestly and directly.

Our mission at SF Goodwill fundamentally aligns with the fight against systemic racism. For over 100 years, our nonprofit organization has fought for economic equity for racially and economically marginalized communities. Our purpose is to break the cycle of poverty through life opportunities, training and the power and dignity of work. We are committed to advancing equity by offering resources, opportunities, and life sustaining employment to underserved populations. Our training and career pathways provide a bridge to employment through building relevant workforce skills and confidence that lead to self-sufficiency. 75 percent of those employed by SF Goodwill are people of color. Black lives comprise one-third of our 600-member team.

We will seek to continuously recognize and directly confront and eradicate racism and anti-Blackness. We oppose discrimination in all its forms and commit to the pursuit of safety, justice, and equal opportunity.

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