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5 New Wardrobe Tips

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New Year. New Wardrobe.

Here’s five tips for how secondhand clothes can bring a whole new look to your 2020 outfits!

1. No More One Hit Wonders

Is it a one hit wonder or something you can live with for years to come? If you know it will start gathering dust in your closet after one debut then it’s probably not worth the buy. Find staple pieces that make you feel good about a repeat look.

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2. If It Fits…Get It!

A bad fit can give you firsthand or even secondhand trauma…let’s go for a secondhand success! Don’t be afraid to try things on first. No matter the fit, if it’s yours you’ll look fabulous.

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3. Can You Brag About It?

Did your friend score the same designer heels or did you score even bigger because you found them for well below the retail price at SF Goodwill?

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4. Are You One Of A Kind?

Of course you are! Your wardrobe should be too. The unique vintage and even new with tags clothing you can find at your local SF Goodwill will make you stand out in style.

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5. Does It Build Community?

Lastly, does your 2020 wardrobe support people and planet? Thrift shopping contributes to a cycle of reuse that’s keeping discarded clothing out of local landfills. The cherry on top is that a purchase at SF Goodwill empowers local people facing barriers to employment through job training programs…be a thrift hero in your community!

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