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November is a month of gratitude and we are showing customer appreciation through carefully packaged holiday bundles. SF Goodwill shoppers are second chance heroes, your purchases directly support job training programs for local people facing multiple barriers to sustained employment. This year, our visual team has curated fully decorated Thanksgiving table bundles in our online shop! This holiday season, we are offering two bundles with all of the items you’ll need for Thanksgiving dinner with family or friends.

1. Buy It Now: Fully Decorated Thanksgiving Table

Curated Thanksgiving Table Setting

$99.99 plus shipping

This Thanksgiving table uses warm tones, sparkle, festive foliage, and mid-century modern martini glasses for the perfect toast. 

Fully Decorated Thanksgiving Table Setting Includes:

Orange Geometric Dessert Plates – 2: 8.5″ Diameter

Sparkles Home Luminous Collection Round Placemats-2: 15″ Diameter

R.L.K. Glass Beads Placemats – 2: 14″ Diameter

Dansk International White Charger Plates – 4: 13″ Diameter

Orange Geometric Dinner Plates – 3: 10.5″ Diameter

Orange Geometric Bowls – 4: 6″ Diameter, Height 3″

Black and White Soup Bowls – 2:9.5″ Diameter, Height 2″ 

Martini Stemmed Drinking Glasses – 4:  8.5″ Height  

Black & White Dinner Plate – 1: 10.5 ” Diameter

Clear Glass Vase with Seasonal Faux Foliage – 3: 11.5″ Height (1) 16″ Height (2)  

Table is not included with this setting.


2. Make an Offer: Fully Decorated Thanksgiving Table

Curated fully decorated Thanksgiving table setting

Starting at $59.99 plus shipping

This table setting incorporates purple tones, gold accents, faux berries, and textured leaf plates for the fall season.

Fully Decorated Thanksgiving Table Setting Includes:

White and Gold Table Cloth – 1: 60.5” x 112”

Orange and Gold Table Runner – 1: 70” x 14”

Gold Encrusted Tapestry Crystal Stemware – 4: 6”, 5” Height / 4”, 3.5” Diameter

Orange Iridescent Champagne Glasses – 4: 9” Height 2” Diameter

Flora Glass Starburst Chargers – 4: 14” Diameter

Z Gallarie Purple Gold Trim Dinner Plates – 4: 11.5” Diameter

Ikea Susan Pryke White Plates – 4: 8” Diameter

Clear Glass Spiral Design Gold Trim Dessert Plates – 4: 6” Diameter

Pedestal Clear Glass Vase – 1: 11.5” Height 6” Diameter

Pillar Candle Stick Holders – 2: 22”, 27.5” Height

Faux Floral Arrangements – 3: 20.5” Height

Faux Berries Foliage – 4: 6”-7”

Onieda Silver Plated Flatware – 4: Spoons, Forks, Knifes in hand cut cotton wrap

Table and perishable pumpkins are not included with this setting.

SF Goodwill’s Visual Team

Our table bundles were styled and curated by SF Goodwill’s visual team, Huy and Cynthia. Watch the video below to see more of their process selecting donated items and decorating the tables.


Watch our #visualteam set up Thanksgiving tables for sale in our online shop! 100% for people + planet. #thanksgiving #tablesetting #goodwillfinds

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