Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

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By LeAnn Nguyen

Flowers are blooming and spring season is almost upon us! What does that mean? It’s time to channel your inner Marie Kondo, keep what sparks joy, and donate items that leave you feeling nothing. Spring cleaning can be dreadful when you’re thinking of having to go through your entire house. But we suggest playing your favorite Spotify playlist, pour yourself a glass of wine (or sparkling water), and get to work to reduce and declutter:

  1. Divide and Conquer. If you try to take on your entire house at once and decide to overhaul everything in one shot, you’ll get overwhelmed. Start with one room and work your way through your home. It will take a couple days, maybe even weeks, but with many SF Goodwill donation centers nearby, you can easily and conveniently drop off donations each day and gradually declutter your home! Find a donation center near you. Also, organize your piles by: currently don’t use wear/use and another with you will never wear/use. Feel better already, yes?Woman cleaning clutter at home

  2. Prioritize our Planet. Be sustainable and decrease landfill to help save our planet. Make sure you are being environmentally friendly while cleaning. Use an old t-shirt as a washable rag rather than using a ton of disposable wipes. With April – also known as Earth Month – quickly approaching, try to be cognizant of everything you are throwing away and what can be recycled! Cleaning supplies

  3. Be Slow, but Steady. Donate unnecessary items and pick up at the same time. If you need help organizing, stop by a nearby SF Goodwill retail store to pick up some storage bins, baskets, or other spring cleaning necessities. But take your time. Don’t rush to fill up your house again before you’ve had a chance to see if a more minimal space suits your needs. storage bins

  4. Stay in the Now. By the end, you’ll be an expert at deciding what to keep that fits your lifestyle and tastes today and what to donate. Remember, Goodwill takes all types of donations including clothes, purses, books, home goods, kitchenware, and electronics. See what we can or do not accept. Check out our online shop to see what others have donated as well. Packing donation box

  5. Restock. Cleaning and decluttering your home is a great way to figuring out what you need and don’t need. After donating everything you don’t need, take a look at the nearby SF Goodwill retail store and pick up some necessities to restock your home. Whether you need new vases for the blooming spring flowers or new books to enjoy in your new tidy home, SF Goodwill has everything you need to start the spring season right.  dishware in goodwill store

Clearing out your home and closet of unnecessary items is always easier when you know you’re contributing towards a good cause. By donating your things to SF Goodwill, you are supporting SF Goodwill’s mission of creating second chances through training and the dignity of work. Share your best tips on spring cleaning in the comments below.

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