Housing and Eviction Concerns

Please refer to the information and links below for information regarding housing and eviction concerns. We will continue to update this page as we receive new updates.


By order of Governor Newsom, there can be no evictions of renters until May 31. If you cannot pay all of your rent, you must notify your landlord in writing right away and no later than seven days after the rent is due. You will still owe any unpaid rent by May 31.


Temporary Moratoriums on Residential Evictions: Guidance for Tenants and Landlords


No Rent Gouging

  • Under state law, rent increases of more than 10% are illegal during a state of emergency. 
  • Use this Tenants Together Sample Letter if a notice of increase above 10% is received after the February 10th Declaration of a State of Emergency.


Tenant Counseling Directory:


Rental Assistance:

  • Season of Sharing serves families & adults (disabled and/or 60 years of age).  Provides assistance with back rent and security deposit.
  • RADCo serves families and single adults.  Provides assistance for eviction prevention (rent & utilities) for families and individuals
  • Homeless Prenatal serves families with children.  Provides assistance for first month’s rent, security deposit, shallow subsidies, and barriers to housing grants.