Honoring Veterans Day

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SF Goodwill employee at Veterans Day event

“We value the communities we serve and the lived experiences they bring to our organization.” – Megan Kenny, Senior Director, Mission Advancement

At SF Goodwill, we serve those who have served our country through the dignity of work. Bay Area veterans, who number approximately 23,000 in all, face significant challenges when returning to civilian life: Nearly 80 percent left the military without a job and nearly 50 percent experienced financial difficulty in the past year. More than 50 percent of Bay Area veterans with significant physical or mental health issues are not receiving care.

To honor and celebrate veterans this year, SF Goodwill hosted a live Community Engagement event panel discussion of community organizers working to improve the lives of veterans. Attendees were able to share their stories and connect for further information. Leaders from Swords to Plowshares, SF County Veterans Services Office, One Treasure Island, Farmer Veteran Coalition, Hope House for Veterans, United Council of Human Services, Post University, and America Works joined the event to share resources, training and educational opportunities, and available services. Together with SF Goodwill, these organizations are working to empower veterans through the transition back to civilian life.

Special thanks to our Veterans Outreach Specialist Courtney Ellington — a veteran herself — for organizing and hosting the panel.  We are proud to partner with the Koret Foundation to offer critical employment services to veterans through our Veterans Employment, Training, and Services (VETS) program, a three-year collaboration to create a cohesive system of veterans services.

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