Halloween at Home

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Halloween is the day we all get to dress up as our favorite Netflix show characters, spooky monsters, or celebrities we admire (or not!). It’s a day to become whoever you want to be, a day for fun and play—something we could use in our lives right now. So if you are on the fence on celebrating virtually or socially distanced this year, don’t cancel Halloween just yet! When it comes to costume shopping, thrift stores are treasure troves. At Goodwill, Halloween is the biggest holiday moment of the year and we love seeing our customers get into the creative spirit every October. Whether it’s a candy treasure hunt at home, your very own haunted house, or content for your Instagram Reels, we’ve got you covered. Below are five festive ideas for celebrating Halloween at home:

1. Candy Treasure Hunt

Children in Halloween costumes; looking for candy in their fort at home

A fun game to organize for the family is a candy treasure hunt. This is the quarantine version of trick-or-treating with a twist. Hide candies in different parts of your house, dress up in costumes, and search for the candies. Count your candies at the end of the treasure hunt to see who found the most!

2. Trunk-or-Treat

Trunk or Treat

Trunk-or-treating is the socially distanced alternative to trick-or-treating. Pick an empty parking lot or team up with your neighbors to park your cars outside your homes. Open your car trunks and decorate them for Halloween. Have a large bowl of candy out on a table in front of your trunk and ask everyone participating to wear a mask, limit the candy bowl to one person at a time, and maintain at least 6-feet of distance from one another.

3. Addams Family Dinner

Halloween dinner

Get into the Halloween spirit with an Addams Family themed dinner. Thrift black serving dishes, cauldrons, and chalices for your drinks. Add some fake spiderwebs and dress for the occasion as a member of the Addams Family in black dresses, suits, and wigs. We recommend some of these recipes to really commit to the theme:

Spooky Spinach Dip

Mummy Meat Loaves

Graveyard Taco Cups

Cheddar Witches Fingers

After all, “we gladly feast on those who would subdue us!”

4. Do It for the ‘Gram

Create some seasonal content for your Instagram Reels and TikTok videos. Practice your style transitions and show off at least 3-4 different looks to a song that brings out the different characters. Visit your local Goodwill store to create epic costumes without breaking the bank. Below are some costume ideas from our Haight Street store for inspiration:

Halloween mannequins at the Haight St store

5. Zoom Costume Contests

Couple dressed up for Halloween with boom box

Challenge your friends to a virtual costume contest. Elect judges in your friend group to select the winner. If you have a larger friend group, allow for first, second, and third-place costumes. Go all out with Zoom background photos that fit your looks, play some music, bring drinks, and strut your stuff for the video camera.

Your Halloween thrift hauls directly support job training programs for local people facing multiple barriers to employment. Support people–and the planet–with your thrift store finds. Visit an SF Goodwill store near you to thrift decorations and costumes or shop online! 

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