Budget-Friendly Steps to Perfect Your VSCO Girl Look

By it admin

Turn up the saturation and set your filter to S2 because we are about to up your VSCO game without breaking the bank.

First – what even is a VSCO girl? VSCO (pronounced viss-co) is an editing app to add filters to images which can then be posted to the VSCO feed. VSCO images have been super popular on Instagram and TikTok too. The VSCO girl aesthetic is all about getting in touch with your basic (in the best possible way, of course) self: a curated but carefree look with natural makeup, environmental awareness, and a big emphasis on stylizing “everyday life.” Think candid photos of iced drinks from Starbucks, a perfectly manicured hand on a steering wheel, or a cute pose outdoors in the sunshine. Ready? Here is your checklist of top 5 items to perfect your look:

1. Check your closet
You will need an oversized t-shirt so check your closet. And then your parents’ closets for any gems! See what you already have to work with, plus it’s a great time to get any items you no longer need and prepare you for the next step.

Girl looking at closet

2. Head to any SF Goodwill store for the essentials
The essential oversized t-shirt, big, bright sunglasses (this is an essential accessory so pick up the hipster and goggles), and ripped jeans or shorts will be easy finds at any Goodwill location. Keep the goodwill going by dropping off your pre-VSCO outfits through our no-contact drop-off. Check out the shoe section for Birks, Vans Slips on, or hi-top Chucks.

Girl in oversized sweater and sunglasses

3. Shop small for missing accessories
Head over to Etsy for your pick of the puka and a friendship bracelet. Better still, dig through your old stuff and see if you can find an old memento to sport. Try local craft stores like FLAX and Growing Up Arts & Crafts for a bead kit to make unique friendship bracelets for you and your besties.

4. Makeup, lip gloss, and scrunchies

Hair Scrunchie

Swap out the Glossier for elf’s Jelly Pop Lip Gloss – $5 and comes in three different colors. You can secure your scrunchies at Target with lots of low-cost options in every color and pattern your basic heart desires for $6.99 for 12. While there, you can also perfect your natural makeup look going with Burt’s Bees Tinted Moisturizer -$11.99

5. Hydro flask and stickers
Amazon has cheaper reusable bottle alternatives and with stickers on, it will be hard to tell it’s not Hydro flask brand. Grab stickers from your fave coffee shops, brands, small businesses, and causes to make your bottle a reflection of you!

Finally, you can use all the money you saved to pick up your go-to Starbucks beverage, practice your sksksksk, and you’re ready to live your best VSCO girl life. Be sure to tag #SFGoodwill for your VSCO finds! We would love to share your outfit success on our channels.

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