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Our work at Goodwill is centered on the belief that everyone deserves access to a career pathway that leads to economic security, and with the right combination of skills development, work experience, and confidence, people can change their lives and accelerate economic mobility.” William Rogers, President & CEO

A Winning Investment

Our system works. 84% of the employees we successfully contacted a year after receiving our services were still employed.” Eric Sippel, Board Chair

Three Pillars of Support

We activate our mission through three pillars of support. This unique combination provides a pathway to sustainable career opportunities for those that most need our support.

Skill Building & Industry Certifications

Today’s Bay Area tech-centric economy requires employees with significant digital skills. Goodwill provides employment and training opportunities to anyone with a willingness to work. We offer innovative digital training programs, often in partnership with leading Bay Area companies.

Goodwill recognized something in me that I didn’t recognize in myself.”

Individualized Career Services

Goodwill empowers job seekers with the information and job search skills they need to land a job and offers sophisticated training to launch people on a focused career pathway. Along the way, we provide customized support and assessment services.

This job is like ongoing training; I feel like I can build a career.”

Paid Employment & Benefits

For people left out or left behind, the chance to participate in the Bay Area economy is often out of reach.

Goodwill helps people struggling with unemployment overcome challenges to find jobs, build skills, and grow their careers.

Everywhere I’ve been at Goodwill, somebody has invested in me and helped develop and train me.”

Our Impact




Number of job seekers who visited our Career Centers
Pounds diverted from local landfills
Number of job seekers placed at top Bay Area companies
Pounds of electronics diverted (54% reused; 46% recycled)
Total retail transaction
Number of job seekers Goodwill hired
Donation Centers
Total number of donated goods
of every dollar earned directly funds job programs

Our goal is to provide 21st century skills for individuals who are stigmatized by former incarceration, poverty, homelessness, low skill sets, and others who are in need of second chances.” Nare Jagroop, Chief Financial Officer

Goodwill Goes Electric

The sustainability of our community and planet depends on all of us. It is our responsibility to take concrete steps to keep our neighborhoods healthy and free from pollutants, our oceans pristine, and our coastlines clear of toxic waste.” William Rogers, President & CEO

Partner With Us

Every day we work in partnership with dedicated organizations in our community to help job seekers excluded from the job market by providing them access to valuable training so they can find sustainable jobs.

I am proud to support Goodwill and its mission to improve the lives of San Franciscans. Goodwill has continually proven itself to be a leader in connecting residents with free job trainings and work placement opportunities—especially people who need extra help. Thank you for the work you do for our City and the people who live here.” London N. Breed, Mayor of San Francisco