Our Workforce Partner: The Market

D'Annadele at Market on Market - A SF Goodwill Workforce Partnerby Maureen Sedonaen

One of the many pleasures of my job, is joining forces with community focused local companies to break the cycle of poverty through the power of work. One such partner, The Market on Market Street, Goodwill’s Workforce Partner of the Year, relies on Goodwill’s Staffing Solutions to fill key positions at the popular new food hub. The Market’s C.E.O., Chris Foley, had this to say about our collaboration, “Goodwill helps us scale our business by connecting us with hundreds of people ready to work and move on to a better life.” You can learn more about The Market’s community commitment in D’annadele’s Story. As we head into our 100 year anniversary, we thank you and our local business partners for your critical investment in our work.

Since 1916, Goodwill has depended on the strategic investment – and kindness – of locally based companies, foundations, governments and other nonprofits. They help us create job opportunities for people in need, maintain the economic diversity of the Bay Area, and reserve our landfills just for trash. Here, we raise our hat to them and ask that you please join us in acknowledging their service to our community.

“Goodwill is the mother ship of social enterprises. Although it’s almost a century old in San Francisco, its model is as relevant and modern as you can get, setting an example for all the newcomers for how to deliver social impact through smart business.” – Carla Javits, President REDF

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