Our Partners

We love our community partners!

Since 1916, Goodwill has depended on the strategic investment – and kindness – of locally based companies, foundations, governments and other nonprofits. They help us create job opportunities for people in need, maintain the economic diversity of the Bay Area, and reserve our landfills just for trash. Here, we raise our hat to them and ask that you please join us in acknowledging their service to our community.

Goodwill is the mother ship of social enterprises. Although it’s almost a century old in San Francisco, its model is as relevant and modern as you can get, setting an example for all the newcomers for how to deliver social impact through smart business. – Carla Javits, President REDF

Partner of the Year

SF Goodwill Partner of the Year Levi Strauss and Company
Levi Strauss & Company
Since 2009, the financial, in-kind, and pro-bono assistance Levi Strauss & Company has provided to SFGoodwill has been almost immeasurable in its impact. In 2014, LS&Co:

  • Launched the Field of Dreams experience with the San Francisco 49ers and SFGoodwill, raising awareness of the problem of textiles in landfill and encouraging everyone to donate to Goodwill. Activating their communications network on behalf of this partnership generated millions of positive media impressions.
  • Hosted two Levi’s Sample Sales on their corporate campus. Administered by SFGoodwill, these Levi employee events are entering their fourth successful year. Proceeds from the event as well as unsold merchandise flowed to SFGoodwill.
  • Authorized SFGoodwill to hold two Levi’s Mendables events on the campus of San Francisco State University, where product samples were mended by apparel design students and sold to very grateful student bodies.
  • Provided thought partnership around the issue of textile waste in landfill, a growing environmental problem. Shared corporate sustainability goals between SFGoodwill and Levi Strauss & Company will continue to yield environmental benefits for the Bay Area and beyond.

Thanks, Levi’s! And congratulations on being our 2014 Partner of the Year!

2014 MVPs – Our Most Valuable Partners

SF Goodwill Partner Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Bank and the Wells Fargo Foundation have long invested in the Bay Area community through Goodwill. Their support over the past two decades has helped us grow workforce development services for people in the greatest need. In 2014, Wells Fargo:

  • Invested an incremental $100,000 in SFGoodwill job placement services through the Hiring Hub initiative, which provide an accelerated pathway to jobs for people who are ready to work.
  • Supported SFGoodwill through complex real estate transactions related to the sale of Mission Street property and acquisition of replacement facilities.
  • Provided leadership through service of Wells Fargo executive Margo Goldman on the Board of Directors of SFGoodwill.
SF Goodwill Partner California College of Arts
California College of Art
As an incubator for artists and makers who believe in sustainable design, CCA is an innovative thought partner to SFGoodwill in the growing movement to re-sell, re-purpose, and upcycle consumer products that might otherwise go to waste. In 2014, CCA:

  • Created curriculum for a Rebranding Sustainability course in which students addressed a surplus of salvage material donated to SFGoodwill and imagined how new consumer products could be designed and manufactured from this raw material.
  • Provided thought leadership around sustainability and fashion through SFGoodwill Board of Directors member Lynda Grose and her CAA colleague Amy Campos.
SF Goodwill Parnter Microsoft
Microsoft has been a consistent supporter of SFGoodwill almost since the dawn of the desktop. Thanks to a substantial investment from the Microsoft Foundation, Goodwill continues to reap the benefits of software licenses used in our corporate offices. Microsoft supports SFGoodwill in innumerable small ways that add up to making a big difference toward our mission. In 2014, Microsoft:

  • Provided a financial donation to support digital literacy programs targeting the population served through Goodwill, helping erase the digital divide.
  • Dedicated executive time through the clear-eyed and thoughtful service of Michael Weir on the Goodwill Board of Directors
  • Regularly offered Microsoft office space to the Goodwill executive team for off-site meetings.
  • Launched a volunteer service program that encourages team competition and dedicates financial support equal to hours served.
SF Goodwill Partner San Francisco State University
San Francisco State University
San Francisco State University, based its longtime mission of local community service, supports SFGoodwill on an ongoing basis through student and faculty engagement around sustainability. In 2014, SFSU:

  • Hosted two path-breaking Mendables Events at the campus student center, where sample product donated to Goodwill by Levi Strauss & Company was mended by apparel design students and sold for the benefit of Goodwill and the SFSU Fashion Network Association.
  • Authorized the installation of five Goodwill clothing collection bins near student housing on campus and again hosted the annual Sustainable Move-out for departing students in the spring.
  • Provided thought leadership around textile waste and reuse and social enterprise formation. Through the leadership of Professor Connie Ulasewicz and others, SFSU dedicated MBA-level classwork to the SFGoodwill goBIN program; three MBA candidates worked as interns at SFGoodwill throughout the summer of 2014.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Pro Insurance
Pro Insurance
One of the largest independent insurance carriers on the west coast, ProInsurance has been a stalwart partner to SFGoodwill in providing human resources and operational coverage. They have provided thought partnership at the executive level to guide operational efficiency and risk management. In 2014, ProInsurance:

  • Made a substantial financial investment in the mission of Goodwill, enabling us to serve more local people in need of job training and placement services.
  • Expanded coverage to include a full portfolio of general liability insurance, enabling the organization to function with reduced risk and greater foundational stability.
  • Donated household goods to Goodwill that will increase revenue to benefit our mission.

2014 Honorable Mentions

SF Goodwill Community Partner Williams Sonoma
Thanks to Williams-Sonoma for providing an in-kind donation of surplus inventory.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Cole Hardware
Cole Hardware
Thanks to Cole Hardware as a longtime employer of Goodwill job candidates and frequent donation drive host.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Frog
Thanks to frog for their design, strategy, and networking support for the goBIN™ Textile Collection System.
SF Goodwill Community Partner The San Francisco Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation
Thanks to the San Francisco Foundation for its longtime and increasing financial investment in the community through SFGoodwill.
SF Goodwill Community Partner SF Environment
SF Department of Environment
Thanks to the San Environment for underwriting our goBIN launch and their leadership in reducing textile waste in landfill.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Salesforce Foundation
Salesforce Foundation
Thanks to Salesforce for helping us build relationships and deliver programs and services in innovative and efficient new ways.
SF Goodwill Community Partner The San Francisco Boys Chorus
San Francisco Boys Chorus
Thanks to the San Francisco Boys Chorus for giving of their time and talent to help us celebrate our annual Donate-a-thon.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Square
Thanks to Square for partnering with us to deliver cutting edge payment and donation processing solutions.
SF Goodwill Community Partner
Thanks to Uber for helping Goodwill donors deliver gently used goods and clothing to donation sites throughout the city.
SF Goodwill Community Parnter Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix
Thanks to StitchFix for their generous in-kind donation of closeout merchandise, aka treasure to Goodwill customers.
SF Goodwill Partner Public Works
Public Works
Thanks to Public Works for providing a multifaceted live music venue for Goodwill’s fundraising parties.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Osher Marin Jewish Community Center
Osher Marin Jewish Community Center
Thanks to the JCC for creating a one-of-a-kind Goodwill shopping experience at the annual Summer Nights concert series.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Johnny Funcheap
Johnny Funcheap
Thanks to Johnny Funcheap for spotlighting Goodwill’s retail and community events on its popular email newsletter.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Foley Lardner
Foley & Lardner, LLP
Thanks to Foley & Lardner for helping us protect the intellectual property of the innovative Goodwill goBINTM Textile Collection System.
SF Goodwill Partner Haas School of Business
Haas School of Business
Thanks to the Sustainability faculty and MBA candidates at Haas for their ongoing contributions to Goodwill through coursework.
SF Goodwill Stanford Legal Clinic
Stanford Legal Clinic
Thanks to Professor Jay Miller and his students, who have helped Goodwill standardize best practices to minimize risk.

The Infinity | Lumina
Thanks to The Infinity | Lumina for their ongoing partnership in hosting regular donation drives as a part of their sustainability efforts.
SF Goodwill Partner County of Marin
County of Marin
Thanks to the County of Marin for their support of Goodwill workforce development programs addressing systemic poverty.
SF Goodwill Partner City of Burlingame
City of Burlingame
Thanks to the City of Burlingame for their ongoing support for donation drives focused on technology and consumer products.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Google
Thanks to Google for their guidance and counsel in helping Goodwill reach for its second century through technology.
SF Community Partner Disqus
Thanks to Disqus for the Tech Gives Back donation drive and on-going volunteering commitment to Goodwill.
SF Goodwill Partner Hands on Bay Area
Hands-on Bay Area
Thanks to HOBA for rousing volunteers to help our legendary $2 Sales and Field of Dreams events.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Nielsen
Thanks to Nielsen Cares for helping Goodwill analyze customer demographics and store trends.
SF Goodwill Community Partner Bernstein Wealth Management
Bernstein Global Wealth Management
Thanks to Preston Dodd at Bernstein for his volunteer connections (go Duke!) and supportive advice and counsel.
SF Goodwill Community Parnter REDF
Thanks to REDF for continued guidance and thought leadership around social enterprise impact.
SF Goodwill Community Partner SF.CITI
Thanks to SF.Citi ( ); for providing leadership around the preserving economic diversity in San Francisco.
SF Goodwill Community Partner SF OEWD
Thanks to the Office of Economic and Workforce Development for their partnership around job growth.