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Webcor Promotes Waste Reduction through Textile Collection Donation

ZeroWaste Textile Collection DonationWebcor Builders’ Northern and Southern California employees recently completed participation in a two-week Zero Waste Textile Collection Donation to help eliminate the impact on landfill.  Our 2016 results greatly surpassed our goal, totaling in at 2,552 pounds across five project sites and offices! Webcor typically focuses on waste during construction and demolition – a process we’ve got figured out, with diversion rates typically greater than 90% of all waste from our construction sites.  However, this year we wanted to impact another facet of waste not always emphasized with general contractors: Personal clothing and textile waste at home.

“We are so excited our collection exceed 1.25 tons of clothing and was able to bring teams and communities together in achieving a common goal.  Webcor is committed to promoting a new way of life that does not deplete the earth’s resources or spoil the natural environment, and through corporate events like this we are able to prove we can make a positive environmental impact away from the construction site”, says Webcor Senior Sustainability Manager, Jenelle Shapiro.

Last year we won the 2015 award for most pounds collected overall from the San Francisco Department of Environment and Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) organized program. This accomplishment confirmed our corporate sustainability mission through our comprehensive focus on community efforts, and this year we were determined to make an even bigger splash for the 2016 challenge.

For this year’s event we participated independently of the city organizations, but partnered again with our friends at Goodwill who setup collection bins at our San Francisco and Los Angeles offices and project sites.  Did you know that 4,500 pounds of textiles are sent to landfill every hour in San Francisco alone, and on average, each American sends an astonishing 70 pounds of textiles to the dump every year?  Therefore, surpassing our previous years’ total collection of 1,400 pounds was an important goal to us and our goal paid off as we nearly doubled our total weight diverted!

“We are so thrilled with our partnership with Webcor!  With partnerships like these our ability to dramatically increase the positive effects on the environment and keep thousands of pounds of materials out of landfill is a model for other companies to emulate.  We are so fortunate to share our values of people, planet and performance with Webcor”, says SF Goodwill CEO, Maureen Sedonaen.

Webcor involvement in community campaigns like these allow us to look at diverse avenues to contribute to San Francisco City 0 50 100 Roots Climate Action – a campaign which outlines goals for clean transportation, renewable energy and the need to produce zero waste by 2025 in order to reach city greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.  We look forward to partnering with other organizations and affiliations across Northern and Southern California to help impact our future sustainability goals.

About Webcor
Webcor’s extensive knowledge base, sharply-honed technical skills, and over 43 years of experience allow the firm to provide exceptional value by building smarter. Webcor Builders is one of the leading General Contractors in California and were recently named the 2014 California Contractor of the Year by the Engineering News-Record (ENR). Founded in 1971, Webcor is known for an innovative and efficient approach to construction, wide range of experience, cost effective design/build methodology, skill in concrete construction, and expertise in building landmark projects.

Webcor’s mission is to build structures of superior quality and value with integrity and continuously improve its processes through the innovation of skilled people. It strives to be open to individual ideas and add social and economic value to its communities. Please visit to learn more and follow Webcor on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr.

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