Free Electronics Donation Pickup

SF Goodwill Electronics Recycling
With FREE pickup and more than 30 donation drop-off sites in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties, we make it easy to recycle your electronics, working or not.

Recycling your electronics with Goodwill not only keeps materials out of Bay Area landfills, it powers local job training programs and job creation in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin counties.

Free Pickup
Free electronics donations pickup service is available to businesses and households that have a minimum quantity of 5 qualifying items (laptops, desktop computers, or enterprise network switches). We can pickup Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6pm.

For the Environment
No electronics will be shipped overseas or dumped into landfills. We provide environmentally responsible electronics recycling using methods that are E-steward and R2 certified.

Privacy Assurance
All data is erased using a specialized software process with modern NIST 800-88 standards to erase and clean all magnetic hard drives, mobile devices, flash memory and SSD drives. We also manage an onsite hard drive destruction service available with serial number tracking and certificate of destruction for an additional fee. Your peace of mind is our top priority. Electronics not passing our quality control check are recycled responsibly using methods that are E-steward and R2 certified.

To schedule a pickup, call (415) 758-0880 or email

Our Donation Locations Accept the Following:

Computers & Networking Equipment

  • Desktops (PCs/Apple) & accessories
  • Laptops (PCs/Apple) & netbooks
  • iPads, tablets & e-readers
  • Networking & communications
  • Scanners – working or not
  • Network equipment – working or not
  • Monitors, printers & scanners

Consumer Electronics

We accept the following consumer electronics items, working or not:

  • Televisions (TVs larger than 27 inches accepted only at certain sites)
  • Home audio & theater
  • Video & audio
  • Video games & PC games
  • MP3 players & accessories
  • Cameras & video equipment
  • Cell phones, PDAs & accessories
  • Car electronics & GPS
  • Kids’ educational toys

Large Televisions

We accept televisions under 27 inches, working or not, at all donation locations. Televisions larger than 27 inches, working or not, can only be accepted at the following donation locations:

  • San Rafael: 809 Lincoln Ave.
  • San Francisco: 1500 Mission St.
  • Burlingame: 1215 California Dr.
  • San Mateo: 28 West 25th Ave.


We accept computers and accessories, free of charge, from residents and businesses at all donation sites. We also pick up computers from businesses and households that have a minimum quantity of 5 qualifying items (laptops, desktop computers, or enterprise network switches). Please call (415) 758-0880 to make arrangements. Put any small items into a bag and place broken monitors into a box lined with a plastic bag. Seal the box and clearly label it “broken monitor” with the date. Computers do not need to be packaged unless the monitor is broken. Read more about our work refurbishing and recycling computers and electronics.

Surplus Merchandise

We welcome business donations of overstock, outdated and surplus merchandise. For more information, contact us at (415) 758-0880.

Questions or comments?

Don’t see your item on this list? See what we regretfully cannot accept. If you have a question or comment, please call our Donations Customer Service Desk at (415) 758-0880.

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