Goodwill Donate-a-Thon DonationWhen you donate, good grows.

By selling your donations, SFGoodwill funds job training and placement services that open doorways to jobs for local people in need. Together, we’ll help more than 600 chronically unemployed people get jobs this year. And with your help, we’ll divert more than 21 million pounds from local landfills to help achieve zero waste.

1Donate your clothing and household goods at one of our 33 donation drop-off locations in San Francisco, Marin, and San Mateo counties. We are in special need of shoes, purses, and high-quality clothing but will accept clean textiles as well in any condition. For home goods, as a rule of thumb if you would give it to a friend or a relative, it’s perfect for Goodwill.

Please see the list of items you can donate (and items we don’t accept). Questions? Call (415) 575-2137 or email

SFGoodwill also welcomes your financial contribution with gratitude. Since it is not tied to operating our businesses, a monetary donation will have an outsized impact on our ability to serve those in need, helping them get a second chance at a stable life.

2Make a financial gift to SFGoodwill on our page at Fundly. Our “See the good and grow it” Fund aims to help an additional 60 people this year get back to work.