D’Annadele: Breaking Out of My Shell

SF Goodwill - D'Annadele - Breaking Out of Her Shell
D’Annadele Glenn
The Market
Cashier and Trainer

During the busy lunch time rush at The Market, San Francisco’s mid-market food experience hub, D’Annadele Glenn, warmly greets customers from her cashier station. “I learned how to break out of my shell,” she shares. “When I started working, I had to get comfortable with customer service. It was a challenge for me.”

D’Annadele, raised in the Fillmore district, faced difficulties getting back into the workforce after the birth of her youngest child. When a friend recommended Goodwill, she arrived determined to move off of public assistance and make a better life for herself and her children.

A temporary job in Goodwill’s warehouse, led to full-time employment in the Goodwill Outlet store where vendors and thrifters, in-the-know, buy goods at discounted prices and at auction. “The Outlet hours fit my child care and class schedule,” recalls D’Annadele.

With three years’ experience, and her confidence up, D’Annadele applied for a much sought after cashier’s position with the newly opened The Market on Market Street. “The skills I learned working at Goodwill prepared me to get this job,” she says.

“Goodwill is a great staffing partner for us because of the large number of skilled people they serve,” says Chris Foley, San Francisco real estate investor and The Market C.E.O. “Having the right team in place is critical to our success.”

D’Annadele enjoys sampling new products at The Market, so she can better inform customers, but claims that the best part of the job is her co-workers, “We really work as a team, just like at Goodwill,” she says. “It was easy to transition from Goodwill to The Market.”

“Goodwill has a long record of training people and moving them on to a better life,” says Chris. “D’Annadele is a shining star. She came to us from Goodwill and now, three months later, she’s training new team members.”

Today, D’Annadele provides for her children through steady employment. With the benefit of financial stability she continues to push herself and says, with confidence, “Now I’m ready to pursue a career as a medical assistant.”

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